All games and practices for April 15th have been cancelled.

Upcoming Dates

April 19th - Giles at LSA for U12 & U16

April 26th - Lewis at LSA for U12 & U16

Important Information


45.00 for first sibling
35.00 for second sibling
25.00 for third sibling
Max per family 105.00



Required equipment:

Shin Guards
Cleats are optional but recommended
for players 6 or older



Age Groups:

U16: players born 8/1/1997 and younger
U12: players born 8/1/2001 and younger
U10: players born 8/1/2003 and younger
U08: players born 8/1/2005 and younger
U06: players born 8/1/2007 and younger
U04: players who are 3 or 4 years of age as of
August 1, 2013. This group is primarily for first or
second season children with little or no